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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year 2008! There is a whole new year out in front of us. It waits for us as God waits for us to love and serve Him. Hallelujah! Just one picture and it is a Christmas one. It is the new display to replace the Christmas tree in our front window. It is a Nativity scene we bought many years ago when Bill and I were in college, we had three young children, and he was earning only $4,000. a year, serving as pastor of a small church down in the Rio Grand/Mesilla Valley in New Mexico. We paid $10. for the Nativity set and have loved and used it each year since then. It depicts THE ONLY REASON FOR THE SEASON. My prayer for you for 2008, is that you will find the Christmas child this year and welcome Him and His Father into your life and heart. I also pray that you may be given the privilege of sacrificing for your Lord, knowing that it is all for Him and Him alone. If you have not sacrificed for the Lord, you have not as yet truly lived. Seek an opportunity to service Him this year.In His Love,Doris