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Monday, October 10, 2016

What Happened to Respect?

“However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.” Ephesians 5:33 ESV

My friends, do we really want to contribute to the demise of the American male? Sit-coms consistently present the bright and capable wife and mother, and the dumb and bumbling husband and father. In politics, we have one candidate who has talked about helping women and children for her entire career. Where are the words of encouragement for the husbands and fathers who respect their wife and are loyal and hard-working for their family? The other candidate made inappropriate, swaggering comments about women ten years ago, insulting his wife and family. How can I help them to understand?
I won’t try to be politically correct since PC is a made-up phenomenon to silence those who are different than we are. I only lift up these ideas as food for thought. In the greater human race, there should be no race to superiority between males and females. We are in desperate times and desperately need the wisdom and strength of both men and women. It is NOT a male/female contest. It is a challenge of ideas and policies.
One example to ponder as bits and pieces of possible accuracy: Forbes reported in 2012 that the ratio of male-female college students has shifted toward a greater female college population since the 1970’s and has gradually increased since that time. Little boys are taught to respect girls. As teens, they are told that they must not “out-shine” women; they must not argue with women; they can’t even open the door for a woman but must just get out of their way. There is no way for young men to succeed in an academic setting when they are told not to succeed – that’s bragging; not to excel in sports of strength – that’s hostile; not to admire a beautiful girl because she will interpret his appreciation of her as demeaning. So … he does not enter the closed system of academia as it is a hostile environment for males.
Dear friends, if our nation, under God, is going to survive, we must enlist the strengths of both men and women, respect the differences in perspective and come to agreements about how to handle our serious problems, with prayer and devotion to God who inspired our nation. Let us pray:
“Dear Lord and Father of our great country, I bow my head in respect for your sovereignty. You are holy and long to spread your love and strength over our nation once again. Sometimes, we will not allow you in. For my part, if I have left you out of our national debate, I am sorry. For today, I give you my worry and my fears about our future and know you will make our nation yours again if we will just let go and let you. Fill my heart with wisdom to say what needs to be said when it’s time to say it, and the control to hold my tongue when I have nothing to add that will advance your plan for us. Forgive me if I have let others tell me to silence my belief in you. I will try to see neither male nor female in the faces all around me, only your beloved children. In the name of your precious son, Jesus, I pray. Amen”
"God gives us stories that testify to His love. Let me tell you mine.”
Copyright 2016 Doris Gaines Rapp