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Monday, April 28, 2008

A Call To Prayer and an On-line Prayer Group

Beloved of God,
Thursday will be the World Day of Prayer. I'm calling all who pray to join me in an "on-line prayer group." We live in times when all His children must go to Him in prayer. Thursday, I'll email a prayer for our country and the wonderful world God has created. Every Monday that follows, I'll email a prayer so that all may participate in an on-going "on-line prayer group." Please forward to all your friends. When His children pray, He listens. After you have prayed the prayer I've suggested, you can go to my Prayer Therapy blog,, and request prayer from the on-line prayer group or respond to a written prayer. Please, be reverent and Holy as you write and respond. Let us pray,
"Oh precious Father, Holy is your name. May the kingdom of your glory come to us all, so that your will may come to reign here with us as the angels enjoy in Heaven. Today, I pray that all will feel your whisper to come and commune with you. You have said, when a people pray, you will come and heal their land. We claim that promise for the United States and for all your beautiful children around the world. Forgive us where we have stood in the way of your healing and give us your strength and compassion to forgive others who have blinded our awareness of your power and grace. Guard us from the temptation to want attention for ourselves, so that all Glory and Honor may be yours and yours alone. In the name of our precious Lord Jesus, your son and our Saviour, we pray. Amen"
Doris Gaines Rapp

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