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Monday, August 25, 2008


August 25, 2008

Friends, I feel compelled to write a prayer for those who struggle with commitment. Whether it’s at work or on the internet, some are threatening their relationship with those they claim to love by completely destroying the trust their loved one has in them, by forming affairs of the heart and/or mind. These are not normal friendships. Bonding with someone, other than your spouse, fiancee, or committed other, is to permanently damage your relationship. How can you avoid hurting your spouse or fiancee? - By avoiding caustic relationship - relationships that burn a hole in the heart of the one you claim to love. How do you avoid those outside relationships? 1. When you begin to feel attracted to another - and believe me throughout life, you will feel attracted to others - immediately stop the other contact. 2. Do not keep secrets from your loved one. The power of secrets, strengthen the acidic bond. 3. If you can’t be interrupted by your loved one, break off the relationship with the other. 4. If you are talking to the “other person” on the phone, in person, or on the internet and your loved one comes in or interrupts and you feel irritated or guilty, break off the other relationship immediately. Your loved one ALWAYS has first place in your heart and with your attention. You are ALWAYS a couple, even when they are not present. This is just a short list to begin but you get the idea. This is written in the first person so you can pass it on, to those who would benefit from praying it. Let’s pray:

“Father, God, lover of the family which is our heavenly unit, we bow before your holy name. May your love fill our homes and relationship to overflowing so there is no room for bonding with others that throw knives into the hearts of those we love: our spouse, our children, our fiancee, and our extended families who have taken our loved ones into their hearts as well. Build a shield around us so that attractions, to and from others, bounce off us, even before we are aware. If, or when, we become aware of an attraction to or from others, give us the character and strength to turn our backs on intruders into the safety of our family and loved ones. Forgive us for the pain that we have caused. We know how weak we can be but we trust in your strength and the power of the precious name of your son, our savior, Jesus Christ to deliver us from the evil of betraying our loved ones, of killing their trust and crippling their belief in love. In the name or Jesus we pray. Amen”
Copyright 2008 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.
“God gives us stories that testify to His love. Let me tell you mine.”

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