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Monday, September 15, 2008

A Mighty WInd

September 15, 2008

A line from a song floods through my mind this morning. “Blow in like a mighty wind. Bless thy people once again.” A force of nature called “Ike” just blew through our southwest, then turned and burst though the Midwest on its way to the east. Our daughter, her husband and family, live in a Houston suburb, Katy, Texas, just beyond the third beltway to the west of the city. Even out there, they sustained damage to their home. There’s a hole in our granddaughter’s bedroom roof and the dining room window leaks, both at the front of the house. Their fence is down and a neighbor’s mailbox is in their front yard. They have no electricity. With the Katy Schools closed (both are teachers, Donna teaches in Houston) until the utilities are back on, they’ll do a complete assessment of their home today. The larger picture? GOD IS IN HIS HEAVEN AND ALL’S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD! He blew in like a mighty wind and can bless His children once again for those who seek His blessing. Let us remember those whose live’s were lost in hurricane Ike and those who are in the midst of the cleanup. Let them feel God’s loving hand upon their shoulder as they work to restore their homes to a safe haven. Let’s pray:

“Oh father of the wind and rain, we thank you for your blessings. Your name and presence were above the terrible wind. Your love reached out to all. At this time of grief, loss and “cleanup” we pray that your will and your plan may rise above the devastation so that heaven may be experienced by those who dig out. While some are now gone, we know those who sought your face and forgiveness are with you. For those who remain, we ask that you bless them with your strength, patience, hope, and perseverance. Surround and fill them with your love to calm the winds of fear, frustration, exhaustion, anger and doubt that may dwell within them. Forgive us when we become self-absorbed - “Why did this happen to me?” - for we know we live in the world where we are all subject to the winds of time. We are not yet in paradise. Still, we know you are even here, at the bottom of a rubble pile or in our comfortable homes. Let us, who have been untouched, find ways to help those less fortunate. To you we give all honor, and praise, and glory. In the name of your precious Son Jesus, our redeemer and savior we pray. Amen.”

Copyright 2008 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.
“God gives us stories that testify to His love. Let me tell you mine.”

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