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Monday, October 20, 2008


So many needs have come my way in the last few days. My dear cousin, Claudia, asked for prayer for her newly diagnosed lung cancer. Rather than cursing the cancer, she told me of her many blessings. “I have a wonderful family, friends, clients and of course the biggest supporter in Jesus. Just wanted to let you know.” A friend asked for advice regarding someone who is in spiritual bondage and I recommended Prayer Therapy, praying for the release of specific negative thoughts that bind us to slavery. Another friend asked for a specific On-Line Prayer Group request in her email. “Could you put together some thoughts on the election? We're trying to relax with it, but its disturbing to us and we could use a reminder that it's God's plan.” To my heart, these are all related.
There is a cancer that is eating its way into our lives. It is causing families to take sides, as it has happened in other times of national crisis, still arguing over who is right and demanding that others agree with them. This is not an election about race. It is a race to determine the future of our wonderful, blessed country, where Freedom found a home over two-hundred years ago. We need a prayer for healing: of our bodies, that we may be strong and healthy to meet the great demands of the day; our minds, that our thinking may be clear and productive; our resolve, that we no longer remain complacently silent; and our liberty, that we do not allow it to be eaten away like a blight on our land. Some believe one candidate will insure our hope for tomorrow and others believe a different team will secure our future. I believe our hope is in the Lord, who made Heaven and earth and gave us His son that we might have eternal life through belief in Him. We are saved by grace, not by political party. I ask that all of us remain in prayer, not that God will obey us, but that we will see and hear His truth in all we do and say, and in the decisions we make.
I call on each one of us to look up our Representatives and Senator’s email addresses, land addresses, and phone numbers so that we can be participating citizens in the next administration. Research and keep up on the issues of the day so we can be partners in this democracy we call America. We have been lazy and reticent long enough. When you speak out, speak in love, not in anger or self-righteousness. I don’t care whom you vote for, but please vote. Democracy is on the line and I, first of all, up hold your right to vote for whom you believe in.
Like Claudia, lift up gratitude, joy, and love. May there be a blessing on your lips with each contact you make. Live each day, knowing it is a gift from God. Know that you are right about much and wrong about more. Only God is wise and omniscient (all knowing)and only He can lead us out of this financial, political, and combative world we are in. Look over my prayer of a few weeks back, Only Ten at the blog below, and vow to be one of the ten who will pray this world out of despair and seek healing and gratitude for ourselves, the country we love, and the country of origin from whence your ancestors came. Let us pray:

“Oh loving, healing Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Holy, Holy, Holy is your name. May your kingdom come on earth in which a remnant of your people will fall on their knees daily and pray for forgiveness for all your people and for themselves. That would be a glimpse of Heaven on earth. With humble hearts, we pray to be one of the Ten (on ten-thousand hills), that we may offer our voices to the great cloud of prayers that waft their way to you, pleading for mercy, forgiveness, and grace. We come before you, asking for healing for our bodies, our minds, our souls, our country, our world, and our financial institutions. We are like lost sheep who have wondered from our shepherd. We have looked to political personalities, in this time of election, to be wise enough to keep us safe, while we do nothing but play. We ask not for a sacrificial lamb to bear the sins for all of us but eyes that see the Lord your son whom you have already given to us. None of us are wise enough to vote out of our own knowledge and the ability to see what the future brings. But, you Lord, know all, and you, Lord, are the One we call on to help us make a wise decision. We know you can bring your will out of any circumstance, when your people seek your face. Spread out your healing arms around your beautiful blue world. Calm the waves of panic that seize us as you did on the Galilean Sea. Quiet the waters of anger and discord like the demons you cast out of old. Heal our broken spirits, the fear in our minds, the illness in our bodies, and let hope take seed again like goblets of wine where once there was stale water. We know you hear and answer the prayers of your people. We will live each of our remaining days, with your healing love in our hearts, knowing you have placed it there. We thank you for all we have and all we are. To you, we give all glory and honor and praise. In the precious, powerful name of your son, Jesus, we pray. Amen”

Copyright 2008 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.
“God gives us stories that testify to His love. Let me tell you mine.”

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