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Length of Days - Search for Freedom

Monday, March 23, 2009


Good Morning, on this beautiful day in Spring. However, there are those whose beauty does not shine due to lies told about them and their inability to bring truth to the situation. While we have been talking about praying specifically so that the Lord can answer us with solutions to our precise needs, I won’t identify one lie above another in order to protect their privacy. I encourage you to insert your own needs, and those of your loved ones, into the prayer at the heart symbol, therefore praying with exact needs in mind. My heart goes out to several people who are constantly dealing with the lies of another. You know others who are under the same type of shroud. Come my friends, the Lord knows who they are. Let us flood heaven with our prayers as we lift up the names of our loved ones, who are unjustly accused. Please pass this prayer request on to everyone you know. Let us pray:

“Oh loving father, God, author of truth and love, we praise your holy name. May your kingdom come to dwell in my heart and in the heart of the one unjustly accused ♡, and in the heart and life of the accuser. We pray that you will give strength and hope to those about whom lies have been spoken that hurt, harm, and intend to destroy. Lift them into your light, that they may be above the lies and safely cradled in your loving arms. And, for this time, we also pray earnestly for their accuser. May your truth shine so brightly in their life that you reveal the lies, and the speaker of false witness, for who they are. Cleanse the false words from their heart and tongue, oh Lord. Forgive them and cleanse their soul, for they are surely speaking falsehoods, therefore breaking one of your sacred commandment. Woo to them, oh Father. Let them clearly see their wrong doing so that they can speak truth in the presence of others on behalf of the one who bears the brunt of their lies. May there be no doubt in the accuser’s mind and heart that it is you who calls for truth. For all of these blessings, we thank you, dear Father. And to you we give all praise and glory. In the name of Jesus, your son, our savior we pray. Amen.”
Copyright 2009 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.
“God gives us stories that testify to his love. Let me tell you mine.”

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