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Length of Days - Search for Freedom

Monday, November 1, 2010


“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God, the things that are
God’s.” Jesus recognized our obligation to the two worlds in which we live, our country and the Kingdom of God. We must take our responsibilities to both seriously. God is the creator and king of all that we are and he reminds us that we must also participate in the society in which we live.

Most of us believe that God gave our forefathers the discernment to lay the groundwork for the freest nation in history. We are people who dream our own dreams, make our own decisions, and set our own path, with our feet planted firmly on the way to glory. If we do not support this republic, it may be hundreds or thousands of years before our children rise above the tyranny of a burdensome, intrusive, and punitive government to forge their own way again. But, where will they go? What new worlds await them?

It is for this very hour, this precise time in history that we have been called to take our stand. We can keep the dream of freedom and democracy alive for the entire world, or we can roll over tomorrow morning and get a few more minutes of sleep before getting ready for the day. But, what day are we turning our back on? At what precipice are we standing? Do we close our eyes again and yawn our way all the way down the ragged cliff of indifference, or do we take our stand on November 2 and say, “I will stand in the gap? Those who want to take our freedoms will have to go through me!” God is in control of my life and my country–so shall it be–so shall it continue to be. Praise be to God! Let us pray:

“Father God, creator of all there is, we humbly give our country back to you. You inspired our founding fathers and whispered freedom in their ears and planted it in their hearts. We are your children and we are theirs. Forgive us when we have been too lazy to insure that our freedoms are protected. We have awakened, Father. We pray it not be too late. Freedom is alive and moving across this great land you have given us and we have heard the call to take our stand. We ask for your insight, your discernment, into the grave issues of our day. The questions are hard and the answers even harder–but you have the solutions. We as citizens, turn our hearts back to you, so that hunger, illness, loneliness, and the pains of life are handled willingly by our churches and communities, so that government does not impose their will upon free people. We ask that generosity flow like honey in the lives of people, and simplistic–enough–living once again take precedence over greed. We have been your children and now ask for wisdom to become your adults, taking on a mature roll in the life of your church and your Republic. We pray in the name of, and by the power of, Jesus, your son, our Savior. May it be so. Amen”
Copyright 2010 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.
“God gives us stories that testify to His love. Let me tell you mine.”

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