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Friday, November 30, 2007


Today is Friday, November 30. Sunday is the first day of Advent. Christmas time is the happiest time of the year - a time of promise fulfilled, the birth of the promised Messiah - a time of hope - a time of family. I have talked to many people who are profoundly lonely both during the holidays and throughout the year. Right now, I am talking about women who have chosen to stay home with their children. In order for this to happen, many times their husbands have to work two jobs or long hours to bring in the income needed. Often, these are clergy families or corporate families who move frequently and the families are transplanted once again. While these women are happy with their children and contented in their marriages, they are lonely beyond words to express. Because they are Christian and choose the life they have, they often feel they should not complain and the loneliness they experience is a sign to them that they have not trusted God. My Dear ones, God knows you are lonely. He knows it is hard for you to get out with small children to care for. I pray:
Lord God, Daddy Abba to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I claim your promise of constant abiding with those who believe in you and your son. (Yes, Sweet One, even you and me.) May your the promise of your presence be even stronger for those who are alone. In the name of Jesus, Amen.
Call a friend. The positive lift from talking with a friend or family member lasts for hours.
Share days away with others who are stay-at-home moms.
Find a peaceful spot in your yard for meditation and prayer.
Join a daytime church group that provides babysitting. It doesn't have to be your church if yours provide no daytime activities.
Volunteer at a charity.
Talk to me on this blog.
God bless you and deliver you on the other side of loneliness.

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