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Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday - May 5, 2008

Tomorrow is primary election day in Indiana. This is not a plea for candidate endorsement. This is the "On-line Prayer Group" prayer for Spirit-filled, strong, and fair leaders. Let us pray:

Our Father, God, your name is Holy, Holy, Holy. We pray that your presence in the Holy Spirit will draw so near to us, that we experience your Heaven here on earth. Your Word says, if we pray for our leaders, you will hear and answer our prayer. We do this today. May each leader, local, national, and inter-national, be filled with your Spirit, your wisdom, your compassion, your forgiveness, and your grace. Like Paul, may each be changed from unaware, condemning-Saul, into a follower of your son, the Prince of Peace, the Rose of Sharon, the Bright and Morning Star. May each lose all self-serving inclinations, all party identifications, all power-hungering motives, and strive only to serve you and your people. May it be so in our states, our country, and around the world. May you whisper so sweetly in each ear, that they cannot fail to recognize your voice and follow you. May they be strong in character, weak in self-interest, and mighty in your power. We ask that they seek no recognition for themselves but bask in the brilliant light of your glory Forgive us when we have been civically lazy and indifferent. May we forgive those we have elected and then didn't monitor or advise them, for we share in their misjudgment. Lead us into the ways of true citizenship and responsible community living. We pray in your precious, awesome son, Jesus', name. Amen

Please pass this prayer on to friends and family For those receiving this invitation to prayer, through the On-line Prayer Group, via email, you may respond to this prayer or request another at:

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