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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Day Post Election - A NEW DAY

Good morning Americans! Whether you are blue, red, or purple, we have elected a new president. Praise to the Lord God, because we live in a country where we can vote for our leader of the U.S. and the entire free world. We recognize the historic nature of this election and praise God’s holy name for healing the divisiveness in our land. While the healing is not complete, the treatment has begun. It is up to all of us how we accept the pains and itch of re-knitting our body. Now, our new president will need our prayers for the one true God’s presence, grace, and mercy in his life; Christ’s healing balm and insight; a vision for the entire citizenry that is in keeping with the will of God; and safety for the country and his family. We, as God’s citizens of Heaven and of earth, are called to be One of the Ten - willing and ready to live honorable, righteous lives as God’s children, that others may see His presence in our country and the world, speaking love with civil voices and integrity; Watchers on the Wall - ever vigilant to those who would attack our country, our Constitution, and our home-of-the-free; and Lower Lights - sending homing beams of light across the waves of circumstances to aid a sailor home.
Now, we come together as Americans, supporting our new president when we find his views in keeping with our understanding of the will of God, and actively participating in our government with our letters, emails and phone calls when we believe he is doing a good job, as well as when we believe his programs would harm our country. Glory to God on High, who gave us the precious gift of stewardship over this land of the free and home of the brave. Now, we must grow up and participate in this wonderful country he gave us. Stand up! Stand tall! Stand strong! Stand free! Stand with outstretched arms to all those who call this blessed, promised land their home!
Let us pray:

“Oh loving Father of us all, white, brown, black, blue, red, and purple, we praise your holy, omnipotent name. May your kingdom come to earth and our country, that all people may be truly, and self-evidently, equal and free. It is for this time we have come in our history, Father, proving that all you had given to our forefathers applies to all of your people, from the very least to the highest. Let us truly be aware that there are no “leasts” - only those on the way up, taking the first rung of the ladder. May we never block the path of anyone on their way up and may we hold out secure, outstretched arms to anyone who may fall, and set their feet firmly again. Let us move forward as citizens of the most free, most blessed country of all time, not a country designed by man but a country created by you. May we recognize our awesome task of preserving what has been placed in our hands, not a broken country, but a continually growing country, more capable of loving, freeing, and fighting for freedom than any other people since the dawn of time. God’s blessed people, so young, still adolescent in many ways, ever loving, ever smiling, ever hopeful of the fulfillment of the great promises you gave us. Forgive us when we have been lazy, not speaking up or reaching out to preserve our beautiful homeland. Continue to heal our land that we may be a healthy people, full of love and energy, trusting in the hope of the world, America on earth and Jesus Christ in our hearts and souls. Let us be a people with merged God-owned hearts and God-given home. In the name of your son, our redeemed Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen,”
Copyright 2008 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.
“God gives us stories that testify to His love. Let me tell you mine.”

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