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Monday, July 13, 2009


These are the opening words of the chorus to the wonderful old hymn by George H. Cook, with music by Henry J. Zelley (© 1899 now Public Domain).

Heavenly sunshine, heavenly sunshine, Flooding my soul with glory Divine.
Heavenly sunshine, heavenly sunshine, Hallelujah! Jesus is mine.

Heavenly sunshine floods our soul when we take time to step off the fast track and meet God in the quiet places of the garden. Last Monday and Tuesday, our children gave us a two-night stay in a wonderful Bed and Breakfast in Columbus, Indiana. The stately old home was filled with the grace of days past and the echo of a family’s life in the many antiques that waited in every corner. An added blessing was the garden that surrounded the home. Wide grassy lawns were lifted high by mighty, old trees, and the many flower beds included a rose garden. But, it was the solace, the peace there in the garden, that was so reinvigorating and caused me to remember Heavenly Sunshine. As I have gone about my days since our return home, I receive the blessing of flashes of heavenly light that were rekindled by our few days away. It was not by mistake that Jesus often retreated from the crowds into the sunlight of awareness of God’s blessed presence. Take some time today to bathe in the sunshine that can flood your soul when you step into the light and away from the darkness that can surround us all from time to time. While God is walking with us in the dark times, we need to step into the heavenly sunshine from time to time to remind us that he is there. Some people walk in pain and anger with every step they take. We call them the “walking wounded.” I am telling you that darkness is a choice because sunlight is always waiting just beyond the shadows. Step into the light of God, my friends, and bath in the heavenly sunshine of His presence. Let us pray:

“Oh Father God, your very essence is Light and from that light comes life and healing. Holy is your name. May your sun-filled presence flood my own soul with your glory Devine, just as you fill Heaven with total light. Today, I ask that you come and bring your healing sunshine to every corner and sooth every pain of my life. I know that I do not have to stay in the shadows but sometimes I don’t know how to leave anger and pain behind. Take me gently by your own hand and lead me from darkness into your light where I will find new life. Praise to you, oh God, for the promise of your indwelling Holy Spirit. When I ask that you make your home within my heart, I know you are there. Fear and anger cannot occupy the same space as love and life and light. Today, I choose your light and ask that you cast out darkness. To you, I give all praise and glory Father God. In the name of Jesus Christ, your son and my savior I pray. Amen”
“Copyright 2009 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.
“God gives us stories that testify to his love. Let me tell you mine.”

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  1. Wow, that is one big prayer/song. One of the phrases I like the most is "Take some time today to bathe in the sunshine that can flood your soul when you step into the light and away from the darkness that can surround us all from time to time". It really made my day when I first read it. Sometimes you feel down and need this kinds of lyrics to make yourself feel better. Maybe it`s the way it`s said, maybe it is this particular day or maybe it`s just because it`s wonderfully written that it almost made me cry of joy. There are a lot of Online therapy that I`ve tried to feel a little bit happier, and they are good, but this is amazing. A sentence just made me happy.
    Please keep it up, I really like your posts!