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Monday, July 27, 2009


I often marvel about how fast time flies. Then, I have to take council with myself and realize God’s time is always consistent, forever dependable, and infinitely full of the God particle, known by scientists as the Higgs boson or Higgs particle. The physicists who are working with the worlds’ super colliders are looking for just that. They are searching for the very heart of matter, that which holds everything together, and they have nicknamed it the God Particle. And, in my humble opinion, the God particle is also at the very heart of time. Time is full of God and yet, I rush through each nanosecond, each one billionth of a second, and fail to see Him at all because my focus is on what I consider to be important. If I don’t see God at the heart of everything I do and think about, then I’m focused on that which is not of God, and I’ll miss seeing the God particle in every moment of my days. Slow me down Lord, before the world’s impact on my life slows my steps for me, and let me see you in all I do. Let us pray:

“Oh loving father of life, you are at the very heart of all there is and ever will be. You are present in every tiny second of my days, bright shining like the sun. Only you hold me together, Father; holy is your name. I ask you, Lord, to open my eyes gently to your presence. If you must blind me, like Paul, in order to help me to see, so be it. For a chance to glimpse your glory, I willing give all my focus and time to you. Help me to say the words and live the life of love so that others may see you beside me as we walk by. Only you, oh Father, are worthy of praise and I give all glory to you. I am willing to turn my eyes to you and bask in the light of your face each and every moment of my days. May I never ask again, ‘Where has the time gone?’ May I always know, my time is never flittered away when it has been spent with you. Oh what amazing moments await us all, when we spend time with you. I thank you for all there is and am awed by your omnipresence in every particle of it. I give glory to you, oh God, in the name of Jesus Christ, your son. Amen”
“Copyright 2009 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.
“God gives us stories that testify to his love. Let me tell you mine.”

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