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Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day: 2012

We have looked at several aspects involved in deciding to vote. Today is Election Day. Now we need to put it all into practice.

How very exciting the 2012 Decision has been. Many people had become complacent about voting and let others do their civic duty while they stayed home. Was that you?

Each side of the debate believes they have the better plan for the United States. How can they both be right? It may be that they are both correct because each side expects a different outcome - they have a different agenda. Congress may vote on a bill that has serious implications for the American people and their welfare, without acknowledging how that vote will change a seemingly unrelated issue in the future. While we cannot pretend to know the future, we can extrapolate current facts and project certain suppositions into future events. What? We review what is happening now and chart some trends into the future. Still "what?" We can make some calculated guesses.

Have you done your homework as we talked about a few posts back? Have you come up with the courage to pull that lever? Now that your mind is prepared, listen to that still small voice inside where truth lives and vote your conscience.

You are now free to be a real adult, one who does not need validation from others to do what is right. Vote!

I have chosen to post this late on Monday evening, November 5, because I know many will vote early on their way to work. God bless you as you step out from others’ shadows and vote for the first time as a true individual.

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