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Sunday, November 4, 2012

For Whom Should I Vote?

Decision: The 2012 Election. How do I know for whom to vote?

Some people made up their mind a few years after emerging from the womb. All they know about politics, the philosophies of the political parties, and the true goals of either party that help them determine who is the best to govern the U.S., they learned when they were five-years old and sat at the family dinner table sipping their Ovaltine. Then, they closed their mind and locked the door.

Friday, I posted How Should I Vote? at . I identified a four step process to use in making a decision. Now, we have to get specific about the candidates, "specific" without telling the reader whom to vote for. That is not my intention.

Today, I posted For Whom Should I Vote at and know they need our attention here as well.

Let us consider several questions that may help to make the voting decision.

• What are the principles that have made our country great? List as many as you can.
• How is the United States different from other countries and governments?
• What could be lost if my vote elected the next president?
• What could be gained by the election of "my" candidate?
• What background and experience does "my" candidate have that makes him uniquely qualified to be our president in this very time and place?
• What lies have been told about "my" candidate? What lies have he and/or his clones told?
• Which candidate inspires me to DO something for my fellow citizens? - Kennedy’s "Ask not . . ." challenge.
• Which candidate has more solutions than criticisms?
• Which candidate tugs at my intuition and says, "I am the one."
• Which one would Daddy vote for? Which candidate would Professor Know-it-all vote for? Is that candidate right for me?
• Our vote is a private matter. Am I secure enough to not tell others whom I voted for or try to get their approval and validation regarding my vote?
•Which candidate will make me square my shoulders and say to myself, "I don’t need anyone’s approval? I have made my decision for 2012. I will vote for ___________."

Now pass this on to others who are still deciding. Then, go vote. Voting is a privilege. Do the decision making process and ask the above questions, then be a privileged citizen by casting your vote for 2012. Let us pray:

"Father, God, who inspired the authors of our Declaration of Independence, we bow before you asking for your forgiveness for our laziness. We have taken our country for granted and thought it would continue to serve us rather than our serving the country we love and ALL of her citizens. Whisper truth in our ear to help us know how and for whom to vote. May we have the focus to do the homework necessary in order to make our decision and then find kind, insightful ways to tell others. Bless our United States and her people as profoundly serious decisions are made on Tuesday. Fill us with your wisdom, at least for these few days. In the name of Jesus, your son, w pray. Amen"

Doris Gaines Rapp
Copyright 2012 Doris Gaines Rapp

How Should I Vote?  at

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