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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christian Cliques

A Clergy Spouse spoke to me yesterday about feeling left out. She said there are other clergy spouses in her area who are so cliquish. They seem to be aloof, with an air of superiority or "greater Christian spirit." I talked with her about cliques and how they create a smaller group for those who do not feel comfortable competing in the larger environment, even when the larger group are other Christians. If they can define themselves as the "elite of God" they don't have to interact with those who would taint their perceived position. But remember, the truly "elite of God" - His own son, never set himself off but ate with the sinners and made His friends among the imperfect. Have pity on those who need cliques in order to feel safe in the world. They have a fearful spirit. They are more concerned about how they will be received by others, than they are of bringing the love and peace of a compassionate God and the salvation offered by His son Jesus. Love those, who are in cliques, into the fellowship of Jesus Christ. Pray for them, that their fear will be lifted and their self-absorption will be healed. They are deceived. As someone told me, "But you don't understand, my family is in the upper-class of Christianity." To that I responded, "In Christianity, there is no class system. It is impossible to be in Christianity's upper-class." Again, pray for their delusion of self-greatness and self-importance. They are loved of God, they just don't realize it unless they can exclude others. Bless and forgive them Father, "for they know not what they do."

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