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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Peace Came Down and Flooded Our Souls

I know, peace at Christmas time is one of the gifts God sent to us. But we fail to claim the prize. Holiday time can become very hectic. Still, within the glow of God's love is peace and calm. "Oh Father of all there is and ever will be; father of our Lord and Saviour the Christ child, we claim the peace you promised in your Word. Forgive us when we forget the source of our calm and the creator of Love and peace. May we, with your help, bring peace to those around us and to a hurting, chaotic world. We thank you for your gifts and blessings. May your blessing fall down like a gentle rain and quench a dried and parched world. In the name of, and by the power of your Son, Jesus, we pray. Amen"

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