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Monday, January 26, 2009


It’s January 26 and, depending on where you live, one winter month is nearly “in the can,” as they say on radio. By next Sunday, it will be February. Mamma used to say, “Don’t wish your life away.” Or, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” With the economy down, winter still on center stage, and many of our youngest and strongest still fighting a war or terror, we could easily be tempted to “wish our lives away.” I wish it were warmer, then I could . . . ; I wish it weren’t hot, then I could . . . ; I wish I had more money, then I could . . . ; I wish the world were at peace, then I could . . . ; I wish I could paint better, then I could. . . .
I remember taking a class in Beginning Drawing at New Mexico State University and saying “I wish I were a real artist.” My professor said, “Oh, you are an artist. If you draw or paint, you’re an artist . . . maybe not a good one, but you are an artist.” It has come to me recently that we already are who we wish we were. Maybe we don’t believe it or aren’t doing a very good job of it, however. If you wish you were rich, you already are - rich in family, friends, and the grace of God. If you wish it were warmer, maybe you could already be warmer by filling your heart with God’s love beaming down like sun rays from Heaven. You could turn your face toward others, rather than focusing on the snow at your own feet. If you wish we had peace in the world, what are you doing to make sure there is peace in your home? If you wish you had more talent, how much practice time are you willing to put in to insure your success? How much do you just “wish” instead of believing you already are who God created you to be? We need to be thankful for all we have, live up to our potential, and work hard at maintaining the gifts the Lord has already given us. Wishing won’t bring anything but disappointment and lives unfulfilled. Let us pray:
“Our loving Father, the one true God, we bow before you and praise your name. May your kingdom be built in our hearts so your peace may bring joy to others and draw them ever closer to you. On this day, at this time, may we realize that we already are who we wish we could be, whether we’re good at the task before us or not. Where we wish to be loving people, let us love. Where we wish to be rich, let us live lives rich in character. Where we wish to be at peace, let us bring peace wherever we go. May we be who you knew us to be when you created us but we were afraid to become. We already are the children of your dreams, we are just doing a lousy job at it, because we just wait to be, wish to be who we already are, but don’t live to be. Forgive us for our dissatisfaction and longing to be other than who and what we are, since we were perfectly designed by you. To you, we give all praise and glory, for you are the king of the kingdom in which we already live, but fail to recognize. In the precious name of Jesus, who knew who and whose he was, I pray. Amen”
“Copyright Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.”
“God gives us stories that testify to his love. Let me tell you mine.”

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