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Length of Days - Search for Freedom

Monday, February 2, 2009


All around me, I receive prayer requests from people going through difficult situations at work, at home, in the community, even in their church. We pray earnestly for their release from these unjust circumstances and for their strength in living each day and seeing the problem through. But, we often forget to pray for the one who does the persecuting. If we pray, just as sincerely, for the one who is making our lives miserable, we all benefit. The persecutor’s heart can change, followed by their behavior, followed by their words - in that order - behavior usually changes before the language does. It’s a win/win situation. Let this week’s prayer be your own Love Dare (term borrowed from a book by that title). I dare you to pray for your adversary, at this time, on this first day of February. Let us pray:

“All mighty God, who parts the sea and raises the dead in body, we pray for those who are dead in heart. May your kingdom be alive in us and in those who persecute us, just as it is in the high Heavens. On this day, at this very time, we pray for the innocent, those who weigh heavy on our hearts, those who live under the thumb of someone else. We lift their pain to you. Give them strength to withstand the world’s deception. Touch their lives so clearly that they know you are there with them. Also, we pray that you forgive their persecutor, their lies and oppressive attitude, that the one dead in heart and spirit may have a life that blossoms with your love. We pray that the offender may be lifted up and receive all the blessings you have in store for them, that they may become the very best them that they can possible be and that they finally walk honestly with you. Forgive us when we have wished them ill, for they are your children too. We lift them up in love, that they may stand before your amazing, precious face. We know that you can transform lives. For these blessings,we pray that you receive all the glory and honor from their transformation. We believe and claim the promises of Christ, that you will be there with us in the deepest pit and that you will forgive and bless the one who placed us or our loved one there, that their heart and soul may be healed. In the name of your son, our redeemed, Jesus, we pray. Amen.”
“Copyright 2009 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.
“God gives us stories that testify to his love. Let me tell you mine.”

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