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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We pray about so many things, on behalf of so many people, in so many circumstances. But, do we stop to thank the Lord for answered prayer? Many times, we don’t even give thanks for the yes answers, and usually never thank him for the no or later responses. Let me tell you about God’s miraculous work in the life of my cousin John as an answer to many prayers.

John had surgery the first of December 2008. He had a very difficult time and didn’t wake up. A few days later, he had a heart attack and cardiac arrest which resulted in irregular brain waves. He later had staph infection, kidney problems, and then an entire body involvement with total bodily systems failure. He didn’t regain consciousness in December or January. Our family, our church, his family and church and many friends and others prayed for John to improve, wake up and gain strength. About the second week in February, John woke up. His doctors said it was a miracle. He will finally be moved out of ICU this week after two and a half months.

Do you tell your family and friends how much you love them while you can? John lives in Ohio so I only see him once or twice a year, but he always says, “I love you.” If you had to Go Home today, would you have said the things you wanted to say? And, when God smiles and warms your life with proof of his existence, as he did in John’s life, do you give thanks, or do you think, “Well, after all that’s God’s job?” Let us remember to give thanks daily for the miracles he has done in our lives and the ones he has given us to love. Can you believe it, God loves even you and me. He wants to be in our lives, listening to and answering our prayers! We are his children and he is a loving father. Let us pray a prayer of thanksgiving:

“Oh Father God, you breathe health into our body and life into our soul. Holy, holy, holy is your name. Your kingdom is at hand when we invite Jesus, your son, to dwell within us and the Holy Spirit takes up residence there. Then, we are truly a temple of your earthly presence, not for our sake or glory, but for yours. We thank you, God, for our answered prayers and seek your forgiveness for our shameful lack of gratitude when we forget to pray a prayer of thanksgiving. You send blessings down all around us like the gentle rain from heaven and soak into our being like moisture on a thirsty land. And still, we do not thank you. Forgive us Father, for we have neglected our worship of you and have limited our prayers to “give me . . .”, or “grant me . . .” with no thought to praising and thanking you. And yet, we know that you live in the praises of your people, for your Word has said it is so. We ask nothing for ourselves today. We just stand with uplifted hands to you, praising you and thanking you for blessing us with love and health and peace and grace and mercy. In the name of Jesus our Savior and Redeemer we pray. Amen”
Copyright 2009 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.
“God gives us stories that testify to his love. Let me tell you mine.”

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