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Monday, October 12, 2009


This is truly a day to celebrate discovery! We recognize the day of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas as October 12, 1492 on the Julian Calendar and October 21, 1492 in the modern Gregorian calendar. It has been celebrated by all people in the United States, by the Hispanic race, by people in Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Spain, in Uruguay, and Venezuela since the late eighteenth century. Some would have us devalue Columbus’s bringing Western European influences to the New World, claiming the negative effects of merging several races and cultures. Today . . . let us celebrate Discovery!

In 2009 most areas of our planet have been touched by modern man. Perhaps we are finally ready to discover God in unique and wonderful places of our lives; to discover our friends and family whom we have merely brushed by in our daily walk; and to finally get to know ourselves. Since the beginning, the focus has been outward. Maybe now, our attention can turn to the spiritual and the relational. Let us pray:

“Oh Father God, we call you Abba, Daddy, with no awareness of your (and our) true family around us. We are indeed all connected in familial relationship to you here on earth as we will be so attached in Heaven. We have delved into genealogy far enough and deep enough to see the branches reaching out and connecting to generation after generation, growing, branching, and flowering in the world. You told us we all came from one mother, Eve, and one father, Adam and we have accepted that spiritual fact without acknowledging the closeness we have with our brothers and sisters. We pray on this day of celebrating discovery that we can see with new eyes and feel with renewed hearts that we are all one family, living and breathing in unison on this living planet you created for our earthly home. I pray that we discover our sisters and brother and welcome them into your family, the family of God. I pray also that we get to know ourselves better in order to change what offends you and develop the talents that praise you and give you glory. Forgive me when I have turned a blind eye to your children in need. Let me recognize them as my beloved sisters and brothers. Lay on my heart the big and little things I can do to help. You are glorious and we ask to see your glory in others. We praise your name and give all honor to you. In the name of our brother, your son, Jesus we pray. Amen”
“Copyright 2009 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.
“God gives us stories that testify to his love. Let me tell you mine.”

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