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Monday, December 26, 2011


“What did you get for Christmas?” That question is heard everywhere. Did you ever hear the response, “I received the gifts of Hope and Peace!?”

The first precious Christmas gift, given by God to all His children, was the Flame of Love who first stepped through the Holy Portal that leads to the Kingdom of God. Each follower can then place their feet in the prints of the Master, the Holy Guide. Before Jesus was born, there was no way to find the portal or to enter through the Heavenly gate. There had to be a “first traveler,” one who had the key to the kingdom beyond. The Son of God was He and He left the portal open for all of us to follow.

Why would anyone choose a gift of gold over a gift of peace, or power over grace? The gates of Heaven have been unlocked and we can enter when we follow the Lord. This is the day after Christmas. Did yesterday mean anything to us? Let today be the beginning of our new life in Christ, for now we have Hope and Peace! Let us pray:

“Dear Lord of my life, your name is more precious than anything we can ever imagine, because the things of Earth are not the place of your blessings. When you gave your name to your people, you said you are Yahweh, “I am who I am.” You are the Creator of everything that has life. Holy and amazing is your name! We pray for the courage to follow the Master, Jesus, the Christ Child. We ask Him to lead us through the veil that separates life from Life. We will walk in the footsteps of Jesus and come out on the other side, in the Kingdom of Heaven. Forgive us when we near the golden door and then turn away to follow lesser paths that lead nowhere. Lead us once more. Only you deserve our worship, Lord, not shinny things that glitter before us, but He who shines like stars in the darkness. We pray for your clearly marked path, in the name of Jesus, your son. Amen”
“God gives us stories that testify to His love. Let me tell you mine.”
Copyright 2011 Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.

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