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Monday, January 23, 2012


“I can’t do that.” “Who do I think I am?” “Another brownie won’t hurt anything. I have my Insulin with me.” There are many ways in which people express self-abuse. You would never admit that you dislike yourself. A large number of people carve their body into shapes not given them by God. They enlarge this and reducing that. I’m not talking about medical necessity or health enhancement. I’m talking about those who re-shape their body with the surgeon’s knife. We will focus this week on ways in which we dislike, or abuse, the beautiful person God intended us to be. Using the Prayer Therapy method, you may want to follow each additional day through out the week at When we fail to follow through on an idea God has given us because we think we’re not supposed to toot our own horn, we may feel our ideas have no value. If you have invented a time-saving device for your work but do not tell the boss, you are hiding God’s gift of invention for fear someone will reject it. There’s the old story about the man who said he wouldn’t join an organization because he would not want to be a member of a club that would welcome him. That’s because they don’t like themself. They believe they have nothing to offer. Perhaps you believe you aren’t as good as others unless you are better than most. That isn’t possible in the eyes of God. Touch that soul within you and love yourself, for you are His creation. I am not encouraging anyone to see themself as better than others. I believe God has created everyone of us and in his sight we are all equal. If you don’t think you are, that is your faulty thinking, not God’s. Crawl upon the lap of God and receive his love and his blessing as one of his children. He who is a doorman in Heaven, is in Heaven. She who washes the dishes in Heaven’s kitchen, is in Heaven. There is no rank or order in Heaven. Love the you who already belongs to God. Pray for the ability to love self, as God loves you, through the process of Prayer Therapy. Remember the prayer therapy process or refer back to previous posts: pray the prayer printed below 3X a day, wait on the Lord, and know he heard you. Let us pray: “Holy Father, creator of us all, your Spirit of Life lives within us. Holy is your name and the name of the Spirit within. Forgive us when we dislike the body you have given us to anchor our soul to Earth for this short stay of ours. Some of us have strong bodies, some are weak, some are damaged by many events of this world. It still is the shelter for our soul and for that we thank you, than you, thank you. Let us make peace with our body, or intellect, our personality, and our soul this very day, that we may serve you with renewed energy and purpose. Forgive us when we have disliked that gift of life you have given us. Touch us with your warm and loving hand. In the name of Jesus, your son, our redeemer, we pray, Amen” Doris Copyright 2012 Doris Gaines Rapp “God gives us stories that testify to His love. Let me tell you mine.”

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