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Sunday, January 29, 2012


"Do I love chocolate?"You bet ya. It must be God’s elixir for all that hurts.

One lady cried to a friend that she had eaten over ten-thousand calories that day. Her friend assured her that she couldn’t have eaten that much.

The lady explained, "You know how hard I’ve tried to stay on a healthy diet, fruits and vegetables, you know. Someone dropped off a carrot cake this morning for the church supper tonight. It looked so good, I thought I’d eat just one small portion. Later, I treated myself to another piece and another, until, by the end of the day, I had eaten it all—all ten-thousand calories of it. It was a huge cake."

To that her friends replied, "Honey, carrot cake is not a vegetable."

We do the same thing when we eat up all the Valentine candy or wolf down chocolate because it makes us feel good. I know it does.

Research has shown that dark chocolate will bring us a sense of well being. What a wonderful excuse to eat a box of Esther Price’s Assorted Chocolates. But, I’m afraid you didn’t read the entire research. It only takes two ounces of chocolate to give you that lift in spirits.

When we eat to excess, we are self-abusing. Use Prayer Therapy to free yourself from self-abuse, by praying specifically so God can answer specifically. In our prayer for a return to the love-of-self we had as a small child, remember the prayer therapy process, or refer back to previous posts: pray the prayer printed below 3X a day, wait on the Lord and feel his presence, and know he heard your prayer. Let us pray:

"Holy Father, creator of us all, your Spirit of Life lives within us. Holy is your name and the name of the Spirit within. Forgive us when we dislike the body you have given us to anchor our soul to Earth for this short stay of ours. Sometimes we want to run away from our body and the emotions experienced by it. Some of us have strong bodies, some are weak, and some are damaged by many events of this world. It is still the shelter for our soul, and for that we thank you, than you, thank you. Help us make peace with our body, our intellect, our emotions, our personality, and our soul this very day, that we may serve you with renewed energy and purpose. Forgive us when we have disliked that gift of life you have given us. Touch us with your warm and loving hand. In the name of Jesus, your son, our redeemer, we pray, Amen"


Copyright 2012 Doris Gaines Rapp

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