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Monday, February 6, 2012


When I was about ten, my father barely got home from work late one night during a blizzard. His car slid off the road and he had to walk the last four blocks. He came staggering into the house with icicles dripping from his eyebrows and nose.

The next day, I had plenty to tell my neighbor friends as we dug a snow fort out of a four-foot drift in the back yard. I’ve wondered if the icicles on Daddy face were as long, and the igloo as tall, as I had remembered it. It was such a good water fountain story, I could have remembered it "larger" than it was, in order to participate in the fourth-grade post-blizzard analysis.

What about the Super Bowl game—what has the game done for you today? Some of you will check the score and stand around the water cooler until you can throw in that detail, even though you didn’t watch the whole game. It’s a sign of belonging and acceptance to be able to participate in a post-game analysis.

I think the party atmosphere of yesterday’s game is more important to many than the plays on the field. I had even blogged and tweeted about having a Super BOOK Sunday, rather than football, complete with eBook suggestion. That way, you could be in the room without being a part of the game.

We are social beings and we want to belong and we want to be "in the know." Hopefully, you didn’t go to extremes yesterday. If you weren’t a football fan, I hope you were an avid supporter of family, friends and fun. When you’re out and about today, thank God for all your blessings. The most valuable players at the Super Bowl were the ones in the TV room with you. We are free people, free to love and free to have fun, even in tight times. Celebrate that and thank God for your blessings. If you have forgotten to be thankful, prayer therapy can help. Let’s pray:

"God and father of pig skin, bruised skin, thick skin and thin skin, I praise you and lift your name in reverence. Holy are you, oh God. May your will be done in my life, for only your will makes a complete, fulfilled life. I ask for your blessings to fall on all those I love and even those I tolerate. Sometimes I forget to thank you for them and forget to tell them how valuable they are to me. When I don’t validate them, I rob them of your word, your touch, your love. May I love them to the degree I want to be loved. Lead me away from selfish thoughts and let me see you, all around me. In the name of Jesus, your son, I pray. Amen"


"God gives us stories that testify to His love. Let me tell you mine."Copyright 2012 Doris Gaines Rapp

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